Robin James Hurt


Robin James Hurt was born in Belfast, raised in Scotland and lived in Dublin for many moons. More recently he has moved his base to the coast of Wexford. He plays regularly in Dublin and around Ireland at both more intimate venues and larger festivals, as well as all across Europe.

Robin’s considerable talents as a guitarist, composer and singer have brought him on a rich and varied path as a solo act and also with other artists, such as the late great Ronnie Drew of the Dubliners, Sinead O’Connor, Finbar Furey and many others.

As a guitarist Robin has worked in many genres, but he found his musical voice through his lifelong love for folk music, particularly from the traditions of Ireland, Scotland and England. He has gained international recognition for unique original compositions (on both guitar and mandolin), as well as fresh rearrangements of traditional material, taking often lesser-known folk songs and melodies and filling them with love, yearning and raw emotion.

His work goes beyond any folk music idiom to a simple heartfelt connection anyone can understand.

Robin has already released an album and three EPs under his own name and has also appeared on many albums by other acts over the years. More information about his releases can be found here.

His latest albumThe Magpie’s Nest is a collaboration with the virtuoso young Dublin concertina player Ailbhe Nolan, which was released worldwide on 27 January 2017.

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