Electric Picnic Part II

As hinted at in a previous post, Robin has news about Electric Picnic 2019, and that is (drumroll..!) that he was asked to curate the acts for a brand new stage called Spike IslandA first glimpse of what the stage looks like taken from this Irish Times article is above this post.

Robin of course will be playing himself – a solo set on Saturday 12.45 and also finishing the picnic as the last act on Spike Island on Sunday at 23.30 with a full band as: Band of Moonlight Love.  For that performance Robin will be joined by Mick Morris on bass and mandolin, Kian Loughnane on fiddle, Clare Faherty on concertina and Dave Keegan on drums.

As for the rest of the acts he’s chosen: In Robin’s own words: 

WELCOME TO SPIKE ISLAND @ FREETOWN, Electric Picnic 2019!!! ❤️🎼❤️🎼❤️


16.00 Mag Pie & Jack Daw
17.00 Avi McGourty Band
18.00 Fanacanta
19.10 Guna
20.30 Whistle
22.00 Track Dogs
23.30 Rake The Ashes
01.30 Late seisiun & DJ til 03.30!!

12.00 Code of Behaviour Brass Band
12.45 Robin James Hurt
13.40 Out The Gap (trad 6-piece)
14.45 Sophie Coyle and band
16.00 Alan Marshall Music
17.10 Laura Mulcahy
18.30 One Horse Pony
19.45 Beef Supreme
21.00 Wookalily
22.20 Uproot Hootenanny
23.45 Grand
01.30 Late seisiun & DJ til 03.30!!

12.00 Code of Behaviour Brass Band
13.00 The Larkfield Four
14.00 Brendan Hickey with Colin Scallan
15.00 Macushla
16.00 Ben Reel Music
17.10 Colm Skwirbat Trio
18.10 The Finns
19.20 Out The Gap
20.30 Bone Machine play the music of Tom Waits
22.00 Wookalily
23.30 Robin James Hurt & The Band Of Moonlight Love

We’re in Freetown, right around the corner from our spiritual home Salty Dog!

Can’t wait to see all you gorgeous Picnickers!!

Love ye all to bits, let’s get the party started!