Robin performs on Irish Television

Robin : “A few months ago I was approached by Imagine Media Productions of Belfast, who invited me to perform a song in a fascinating series they were making for TG4, the Irish language TV station. The show, “Ceol Chogadh na Saoirse”, explores music and culture during the Irish War Of Independence, in particular songs of protest and rebellion. The list of contributors is long and illustrious and I was delighted to be asked.

I was given a shortlist of songs to choose from and picked “Johnston’s Motor Car”, a bould tale of automotive ransom from County Donegal and also a true story. A great tune and a fascinating lyric, written by Donegal native Willie Gillespie, which is a joy to sing. Apparently Doctor Johnston was surprisingly flattered to be immortalised, though he took exception to his car being described as making a din as he maintained it fastidiously…

Guitar nerd note – thank you to Owen McQuail @ SomeNeck Guitars, Dublin, for the lend of the stunning Guild 1973 12-string which I used in the recording.”

Part two of Ceol Chogadh na Saoirse will be broadcast on Sunday on TG4 at 9.30pm Irish time – and will be available on the TG4 player soon after.


Description from RTE Guide about the series

Ceol Chogadh na Saoirse on Twitter
Ceol Chogadh na Saoirse on Twitter