Greetings lads and lasses!

It’s been a fair few months since I posted here.

The world has changed and we’re living through strange times.
I hope you’re keeping okay and loving each other.

With all live performances cancelled, I retreated to my wee house in north Wexford in March 2020, took stock and started playing weekly livestream sessions online. These caught on and turned into a real vibe and several months later I’m still playing live fireside sessions home by the sea every Sunday night, broadcasting from my Facebook and YouTube profiles.

I also got a wonderful canine companion, Dougal, who arrived as a four week old pup and is with me by my side every day and night.

On the back of requests from fans watching the livestreams, I recorded a new solo album live at home by the fireplace, with the same mood and feel of the streaming sessions. “Live From Kilmichael” will be released on Sunday November 15th 2020, with a special livestreamed launch concert on Facebook/YouTube. It’s now available on CD here as well as on Bandcamp and will also be available to stream on Spotify and all other major platforms.